Welcome to the Highland Vista Homeowners Association website!

Upcoming Events in 2018 -  Annual Homeowners Association Meeting - Wed January 31, 2018 7pm at the Maltby Community Center

Homeowners Association Dues for 2018 are due on February 1, 2018

Projects this year -- 1) Repair west fence in Park (smashed in by a fallen tree), 2) Replace east fence section in Park adjacent to Lot 3, 3) Repair or replace Park basketball goal backboards, 4) Park playset update/repair, and 5) Retention Pond clearing

New in the Last Year -  2017-2018 Budget (updated 1/7/18), Projects page (updated 1/8/18), Board page (updated 6/18/17), Homeowners Phone/E-mail List (updated 1/8/18), Contractor References page (updated 6/25/17)